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October 11-12-13 Shara’s fall seminar at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rancho Bernardo. Contact shara@ angelthyme com

October 5-6-7 Brush Whackers fall get a way! Contact Cecelia Denton:

November 10 art Creations Plus in ElCajon, CA Contact Donna carpenter:

November 15-16. San Gabriel Valley, CA. Contact Roxanne:


February 2 Art Creations Plus. Contact Donna Carpenter:

February 5-6 Fallbrook, California. Julie Haymaker shrink jewelry. Contact: shara@ angelthyme com

February 26 to March 1 Las Vegas Convention, you never know who might have a booth there.

March 15-16 Yankee Heirtage chapter in Ware, MA. Contact Barbara Rolla:

May 3-4-5 Painters Paradise. Contact:

May 21-22-23 Shara’s spring seminar at Pala gambling Spa and Resort in Pala, CA. Contact: shara@ angelthyme com

June1 Art Creations Plus. Contact Donna Carpenter:

June 25-26-27 Pala hotel and casino in Pala, CA. Contact: shara@ angelthyme com

Aug 3 Art Creations Plus in El Cajon, CA. Contact Donna Carpenter:

August23-24 Illinois Hartland decorative artist. Contact Andi Fish:

September 13-14-15. Phoenix, AZ. Sandi Strucker and I will be teaching Christmas in Sept. Contact Sherri Lee:

September 18 Off to Italy to teach for Franca...two weeks of food and fun, oh yes work too!

Oct 4-5 Texas Houston. Contact:

Oct 10-11-12 Shara’s Fall seminar. Contact: shara@ angelthyme com

November 2 Art Creations Plus, El Cajon, CA. Contact Donna Carpenter:

A big year! I will take December to celebrate the holidays with family and friends!

January will be a month of rest and renew!! Hopefully a lot of creativity will fit in also! 2020 we will be off running again.
Already have some dates filled, oh my!!

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